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About Us

The Public Appraiser (TPA) is a powerful online public opinion polling system which provides detailed information on any topic the user can imagine based upon criteria the user creates. The TPA will assess, compare, score, and rank any and all categories and articles that are input into the system and declare a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or however many things put into the system – number of finishes. The system is definitive – there’s virtually always a distinction that separates out the ranks from 1 through to however many things are being compared.

The TPA, formed as a tool to allow the user unlimited access to the web's general public and professional/expert audience also provides the framework for the assessing, comparing, scoring, ranking, and estimating – monetarily, virtually any or all things of any perceived value. Additionally, if the user so chooses – a digital certificate of appraisal can be created and printed for validation of those objects being assessed. In essence what is being sold is personal and professional opinions and a measurement of popularity. All sub-categories stem from the four main categories and new categories not currently listed can be created by you the end user with the approval of TPA authorities.


I have used this web site and found it to be very creative and innovative. I see lots of uses for both business and personal application. It’s like a Facebook for products and services……
Steve Wallace Principle Gwallace3 Management Solutions

I use the Public Appraiser to value technology components, and then am able to sell those items at a realistic price! Because I have a certificate, the buyers always seem to purchase based on the price given!
James L. Chillingworth CEO The Consulting Practice Inc. allows you to load up that collector’s item, that old thing in the basement you have stashed away to see what others have to say and links you in to a community of growing topics and interests. If you want an opinion, an idea, a value, just load your picture, your painting, your item on and start a great social network and platform for your topic or your flavor of the month.
Donna Shukaris, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Business Development & Commercialization, ICT

I have found the TPA to be a powerful tool for getting meaningful feedback, establishing fair valuation and creating engagement with your customers. The interface is easy to use and the dashboard displays data in a simple way so that you need to make the best possible decisions.
Andre Armstrong, Senior Brand Specialist

I would love it if every product I considered for purchase on Kijiji or ebay had a certificate of valuation from The Public Appraiser. The concept of having a collective valuation from peers or professionals is valuable, sellers using this will get my business.
Stuart Schofield, Programmer